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Supercharged Sales Funnels Project Kit


Want to Make Profitable Offers–Without Sucking the Joy Out of the Business You Love?

This comprehensive project toolkit makes planning and setting up a sales funnel packed with irresistible offers a breeze… Includes:

  • Step-by-Step Sales Funnel Strategy Guide & Action Plan
  • Quick Reference Cheat Sheet & Overview Infographic
  • 12 Time-Saving Templates
  • 5 Essential Sales Funnel Checklists
  • …and lots more!


Want to Make Profitable Offers–Without Sucking the Joy Out of the Business You Love?

Many solopreneurs don’t make the right offers to the right people at the right time.

Many post their offers on social media and in groups and then they wonder why the uptake is so low…

This leads to “feast or famine” cycles and unpredictable income…

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

You’ve probably heard about sales funnels, but they don’t sound appealing, and you might not fully understand what they do.

Or you’ve gone through someone’s sales funnel, and it had the offer, an upsell, a downsell, a sell-your-grandmother…

The whole process has left you scared to press a buy button ever again!

Your sales funnel is the process prospects go through to become a customer as you get to know each other better.

It is wide at the top (entry point) and narrows at the bottom (point of main purchase)



You cast a wide net at first, attracting casual and serious prospects alike, and then present them with offers that will move them down the funnel towards your core offer purchase or to the exit.

But it’s the idea of people moving out of your orbit that scares you.

It shouldn’t, because if they don’t buy something, they’re not your people.

Offer funnels enable you to build a customer community of the right people.

Then we arrive at the sales opportunity, and you don’t want an icky, sleazy experience like the ones you’ve experienced.

Unfortunately, every “expert” training seems to focus on adding high-pressure pages once someone has purchased from you.

This is the focus of what I want to share with you: Choosing offers and structuring them within your sales funnel to entice your audience to buy.

It’s a non-sleazy process that makes everyone feel great.

The structure of your offer funnel will nurture the relationship and present the right offer to the right prospect at the right time…

Because I know that when you take the time time to set up a solid sales systems and process from the start that leads people from “err…maybe” to “OMG yes!” …

…you CAN simplify your sales process and hit six figures.

When done well, offer funnels are a continuous revenue stream.

AND you CAN FINALLY feel confident in your ability to attract and retain customers!

So listen. If you’re grinding month after month and still not hitting your financial goals, I’ve created a special and simple toolkit just for you..


Supercharged Sales Funnels Project Kit

Maximize Your Profits with a Full Funnel of Irresistible Offers


I’ve created the Supercharged Sales Funnels Project Kit so you can start creating your Offer Funnel in less than 7 days.

In fact, you can download the project kit right away!

(No more sitting through endless training videos!!)

This comprehensive toolkit includes a step-by-step guide and action plan, 12 templates and 5 chekclists that I put together to create the perfect offer funnel for your business.

I’ll show you not only how to get started, but I’ll also show you…

  • How to identify the core offer that all your other offers will hinge upon
  • The benefits of defining your ideal customer profile
  • How to define the unique value proposition (UVP) for your core offer
  • How to choose a powerful and effective lead magnet that will convert curious audience members into subscribers
  • How to identify a valuable and effective low-ticket offer that addresses your audience’s pain points
  • How to create a one-time offer that injects a sense of urgency without making you seem desperate or a schoolyard bully
  • How to develop an attractive subscription offer that solves part of your audience’s problem
  • Why you should add in a valuable order bump to increase point-of-sale revenue and also helps your customer
  • How to identify an enticing upsell for your core offer
  • How to create an effective downsell for your core offer – one that isn’t sleazy or makes your audience squirm
  • How to map out your simple offer funnel so you can get started quickly without overcomplicating things
  • How to identify where you will automate and segment your funnel
  • How to develop powerful content that will move leads through your funnel
  • How to create a powerful call to action (CTA) for each piece of content (miss this and you leave your audience stuck)
However, I don’t stop there…

You’ll discover exactly what it takes to GET STARTED TODAY and generate better, and consistent, revenue flows with your offer funnel.

Supercharged Sales Funnels Project Kit Content:


Section 1 – Define the Ideal Customer for Your Funnel

  • Step 1: Clarify Your Core Offer
  • Step 2: Create Your Ideal Customer Profile

Section 2 – The Different Types of Offers and Which Ones Fit in Your Funnel

  • Step 1: Define Your Core Offer’s UVP
  • Step 2: Choose a Powerful Lead Magnet
  • Step 3: Identify an Effective Low-Ticket Offer
  • Step 4: Create an Urgent One-time Offer
  • Step 5: Develop an Attractive Subscription Offer
  • Step 6: Add in a Valuable Order Bump
  • Step 7: Identify an Enticing Upsell
  • Step 8: Create an Effective Downsell

Section 3 – Map Your Funnel Flow

  • Step 1: Map Out a ‘Lead Magnet to Core Offer’ Funnel
  • Step 2: Automating & Segmenting Your Funnel

Section 4 – Develop a Content Plan to Convert Leads to Customers in Your Funnel

  • Step 1: Identify the Content You’ll Need
  • Step 2: Create Powerful CTAs
  • Step 3: Plan B – What if They Don’t Purchase?

Section 5 – Attract People into Your Offer Funnel

Section 6 – Review and Refine


Here’s Everything You’ll Get:

Supercharged Sales Funnels Playbook

A comprehensive Step-by-Step Sales Funnel Strategy Guide covering everything listed above.


Action Guide

A workbook with step-by-step actions to accompany your playbook containing a complete set of worksheets which helps you take the right actions as you work through each section.


Quick Reference Cheat Sheet

A complete overview which includes the main takeaways, key points, and action steps from each section of the playbook. You can use it as a quick reference to save time, versus having to refer to the playbook every time.


Overview Infographic

This gives you an ‘at a glance’ visual of the process for creating and implementing your sales funnel.


This project kit not only contains a comprehensive playbook (strategy guide) with an action guide it also contains templates and checklists – everything else you need to become a successful offer funnel creator!


12 Time Saving Templates including:

Solution-Driven Offers Worksheet – Use this worksheet to brainstorm and decide upon your best type of solution-driven offer.

Funnel Planning Worksheet – Use this worksheet to plan and optimize your sales funnel.

Funnel Flow Worksheet – Use this worksheet to isolate the necessary steps in your Sales Funnel and create a visual representation. Doing so will help your team stay on top of where you are in all stages of the process.

Offer Funnels Templates – 3 offer funnel templates you can use to quickly create your offer funnel flow.

Profitable Lead Capture Mind Map – Use this mind map to plan your sales funnel entry points.

Lead Magnet Design Worksheet – Use this worksheet to determine and design the perfect lead magnet for your sales funnels.

Call To Action Planner – Use this spreadsheet to ensure you include all the essential elements of a compelling call to action at every stage of your funnel.

Opt-in Page Template – Use this template to create the perfect opt-in page for your lead magnet

Thank You Page Template – Use this template to create your thank-you page for after your lead has signed up to get your lead magnet. Tell them exactly what to do next.

Sales Page Template – Use this template to create your high-converting sales page for your sales funnel offers.

Welcome Funnel Email Templates – Use these adapted swipe-file email templates to craft your Welcome email sequence.

7 Must-Have Funnel Emails – Use these templates to make sure you support every stage of your sales funnel.


5 Essential Sales Funnel Checklists including:

Sales Funnel Planning Checklist – Use this checklist to ensure you have included every single essential element of your sales funnel.

Sales Funnel Set Up Checklist – Use this checklist to make sure you set up your sales funnel perfectly.

Lead Generation Checklist – Use this checklist to make sure you never miss an opportunity for strong lead generation.

Offer Creation Checklist – Use this checklist to ensure you create the best and most irresistible offer for your perfect paying market.

Order Bump Offer Checklist – Use this checklist to ensure you create the most relevant and helpful order bump offer possible.


Yes, it’s true that setting up this sales funnel system does take some upfront work.  I’d never try to tell you it doesn’t. But just imagine how insanely good it will feel when you finally have a SIMPLE sales system working for you and helping you hit your long-coveted financial goals!


  • Imagine your life in a 3 months’ time when you have more money flowing in, but your workload hasn’t increased.
  • Imagine having an audience that appreciates your offers and sends you thank you emails expressing gratitude for how their world has changed.
  • Imagine how good it feels to have extra income without having to work more.
  • Imagine what you’ll do with your extra cash.




Why Take Get This Project Kit?

When you make this simple sales system an integral part of your business, you’ll finally be able to …

✓    Rest easy at night knowing you don’t have to scrounge and scrap for each and every client just to get by!

✓    Have an easy way to repeat your success over and over–with just minor tweaks!

Hit your six figure income goal this year–not 3, 5 or 10 years down the road!

Yes, it’s all possible. And everything you need to know to make it a reality is literally just ONE click away!




I promise that when you get this Sales Funnel project kit, you’ll love how good you’ll feel as an irresistible offer funnel creator!






P.S. If you only identify one area in your offer sales funnel to improve, you can quickly generate sales from your website or blog and you’ll 10x your investment in this kit. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

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