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Marketing Consultancy - Pathfinder Advantage

Marketing Consultancy

Do you know where you most need to improve your digital marketing?

With countless opportunities for using digital marketing, it can be difficult to know which tactic to prioritise. In most businesses, you need to justify your plans by showing clear priorities.

Begin by reviewing your digital marketing activities against industry best practices.

Digital Marketing Strategy Health Check

An assessment of your current digital marketing capability and priorities for improvements across the key areas of digital marketing strategy: Planning, reach, engagement and conversion.

Digital Marketing Strategy Audit

A more in-depth review of 25 key digital marketing activities to discover whether best practices are followed for all multichannel activities relevant to your business, with detailed prioritised recommendations for improvement to increase visits, leads and sales.

Digital Marketing Optimisation

Optimisation of Digital Marketing is a technique that provides a focus for improving the effectiveness and efficiency of digital marketing activities across the entire range of digital marketing channels and experiences that every business must manage.

Pathfinder Advantage offers the following Digital Marketing Optimisation Services:

  • Review of your top-level digital goals
  • Defining your vision and road map for digital
  • Align your business goals and digital objectives
  • Create a conversion model and conversion rate optimisation
  • Setup tracking and evaluation and define performance dashboards
  • Recommendations to optimise your performance for the long term

Conversion Rate Optimisation Programme

A Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) programme is a systematic approach with a focus on user experience (UX) and user testing. CRO programmes have been shown to increase sales and revenue.

Pathfinder Advantage will work with you to explore the reasons to do user testing, how to create a hypothesis for a test and how to build a business case for user testing.

We will also cover practical steps on how to write test scripts, how to conduct user testing, how to analyse user testing results and what to do with these results to make change happen.

Online Lead Generation & Customer Acquisition

Every business website generates leads, whether you’re a small business building an email list for your newsletter, a conference organiser taking event bookings or a software house supplying marketing automation tools using free eBooks to capture contact data.

Many lead generation activities are found on a business’s home page, but often, visitors arrive elsewhere on the site: on dedicated landing pages, blog pages, product pages, so to generate the most leads you to need to think of every page on your site as a lead generation opportunity.

How efficient your web pages are at attracting prospects and guiding them through your conversion funnel is essential to lead conversion and driving revenue.

Pathfinder Advantage can help you deliver proven user experience, detailed analysis and persuasive online techniques to help convert your web visitors into qualified leads and paying customers.

  • Review the effectiveness of your current lead generation
  • Improve lead generation content and offers for different audiences
  • Review placement of lead magnets and offers across your website
  • Improve email subscriber sign-up and email conversions

Strategic Website Development

When you are beginning a website redesign project, it is crucial to brief the project team as clearly and comprehensively as possible. This is true whether they are a freelancer, an in-house team or a full-service agency.

By clearly setting out the details of your web project from the beginning, all participants can work towards a shared vision which reduces time spent negotiating changes and amendments in the future.

Without a comprehensive brief, and detailed assessment of the current situation, a web design project can often go astray resulting in poor results and a non-functional website.

Pathfinder Advantage will work with you on every step of the briefing process ensuring all the essential details from timescale and budget to the target audience and market considerations are covered and accurate to provide a comprehensive brief and therefore the delivery of a successful website.

Most companies we work with invest in redesigns rather than a completely new site build, so we focus on this. However, our web development methodology can easily be adapted for a new website launch, such as a microsite for a campaign.

Pathfinder Advantage Web Development Consultancy focuses on:

  • Budget
  • Timescale
  • Website objectives
  • Background to web design project
  • Target audience
  • Competitor analysis
  • Digital marketing considerations
  • Content strategy
  • Creative style and graphic theme
  • Desired functionality
  • Technical considerations

To learn more about our Digital Marketing Consultancy and Optimisation Services and how they can help your organisation, apply for a free discovery call with Andrew Wilson.