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Create Your Marketing Message Playbook


Struggling to Make Sales? You’re Probably Missing a Powerful Marketing Message. Here’s How to Fix It…

Create Your Marketing Message Playbook: How to Captivate Your Audience with Messaging that Resonates & Converts


  • 86-page Step-by-step Strategy Playbook
  • Marketing Message Action Guide
  • Summary Cheat Sheet
  • Marketing Message Framework Template 
  • Marketing Message Checklist
  • Customer Profile Template

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Struggling to Make Sales? You’re Probably Missing a Powerful Marketing Message.

Here’s How to Fix It…

Promoting your business is tricky at the best of times, but unless you captivate your audience with a message that resonates, you’ll struggle to convert them into paying customers.

Have you ever wondered “what’s wrong with my marketing?”

You’re doing all the right things:

  • Posting every single day on social media
  • Publishing countless articles and blog posts
  • Sharing memes
  • Liking, commenting, and doing livestreams

And yet, you’re not reaching your audience in the way you dreamed of.

Is the world really seeing who you are?

You’re overwhelmed, confused, and lost. You don’t know what to do, who to ask for help or what the next step is.

Well, my friend, it sounds like you have a messaging problem.

What is a Marketing Message?

Your Marketing Message is how you communicate who you are, what you do, and what your offer is,

…in a way that resonates deeply with your target audience and your ideal customers…

And more importantly CONVERTS to sales.

Your marketing message is an often-overlooked part of your marketing plan, and it’s not your fault that you haven’t focused on it.

You’re a busy solopreneur, and maybe you’re thinking “Oh Jeez! Not another bloody thing I’ve got to do”

I hear you.

The good news is that with my easy messaging framework, you can fix your marketing message, cut through the noise, and stand out from the crowd like you want to!

My Create Your Marketing Message Playbook will walk you through:

Section 1 – Why You Need A Compelling Marketing Message.

In this first section, you’ll learn the motivation behind a compelling marketing message. When you grasp these concepts, you’ll love creating your marketing messages.

Section 2 – Who is Your Ideal Customer?

Maybe you’ve done this exercise before, maybe you haven’t. It doesn’t matter, since it’s always essential to go over who your ideal client is and their pain points.

Section 3 – What Makes You Different?

Who are you? How are you different from all the other people who do what you do? You’ll need to make this clear in your messaging.

Section 4 – Craft Your Core Message.

By this point, you’ll be ready to pull together all the components of the previous sections to craft your core marketing message.

Section 5 – How to Communicate Your Marketing Messages

You have your marketing message now. What next? In this section, you’ll learn how to effectively communicate your message.

Section 6 – Develop New Marketing Messages

You won’t just create one marketing message in your business, so this section will show you how to develop new marketing messages in a way that always resonates with your audience.

Here’s everything you’ll get in this Playbook package:

Create Your Marketing Message Playbook: How to Captivate Your Audience with Messaging that Resonates & Converts – 86-page step-by-step strategy guide.


Marketing Message Action Guide – To use alongside the activities outlined in the Playbook.



Summary Cheat Sheet – A high-level overview of each section of the playbook.



Marketing Message Framework Template – Use this template to guide you when crafting your marketing messages.



Marketing Message Checklist – Use this to check you’ve included the 10 essential points your message needs to cover.



Customer Profile Template – Use this template to create a high-level summary of your ideal customer.



With A Clear Message – Your Marketing Will Be So Much Easier!

Remember, your marketing message isn’t your mission statement, your “why”, or what’s written on your about page.

It’s the core message you want your target audience to hear, and then feel like you’re speaking directly to them.

If you strip away all the fluff, the filler, and the fuss from your business, your marketing message is what you’re left with.

And when you have a clear message, you’ll find that all your marketing becomes so much easier!

Imagine for a moment a world where your marketing is heard in the heads and felt in the hearts of your ideal clients. That your social media is impactful, and everyone knows what you do and whom you serve.

You’re imagining your business when you have a marketing message that resonates and converts.

What happens if you don’t invest in this playbook package?

Nothing happens.

You’ll still be stuck, you’ll still be lost, you’ll still be wondering why you’re not thriving in your business.

When you download the Create Your Marketing Message Playbook, you can change how the world hears you in as little as 7 days!




I promise that when you download this playbook, you’ll love how good you’ll feel about your marketing, and you’ll be on track for superior results!



P.S You can get this entire package instantly right now and start improving your marketing messaging today – now that’s a quick win in my book, wouldn’t you agree?




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