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Launch & Market Your Online Course Project Kit


Get Your Course in Front of the Right People and Increase Sales with an Effective Marketing Plan


  • 73-page Step-by-Step Marketing Plan Guidebook plus action workbook, quick reference guide
  • Course Launch Checklist and Scheduler
  • Course Promotion Best Practices Mini Guide
  • 12 Essential Templates, Worksheets & Planners
  • 45 Brilliant Ideas for Creating a Buzz for Your Launch
  • ..and much more!

Stop Wasting Your Precious Time and Losing Revenue!

Learn How to Effortlessly Launch and Market Your Online Course and Multiply Your Reach and Revenue!

With my “Launch & Market Your Online Course Toolkit” you’ll get step-by-step details on how you can successfully launch and market your online course – without breaking out in a sweat!

You’re a passionate, generous person with a wealth of knowledge to share. You know you want your unique experience and skills to impact as many lives as possible.

Enter, the online course.

If you’re here, odds are you’ve not only already created an amazing, life-changing course, but you’ve also attempted to launch it.

But if you’re totally honest with yourself you found the whole launch thing baffling, overwhelming, and more than a little exhausting.

What busy business owner who has a million other things on their to-do list and also wants to have a life–has the time to figure everything out for a successful course launch?

Certainly not you!

You’re starting to doubt whether an online course is worth your time and energy and whether it’s truly the “unicorn” offer your favorite mentor said it would be.

I mean, shouldn’t selling and marketing an online course about a topic you’re so passionate about–not to mention an expert on–be bags of fun?

And easy? And make you bundles of cash?


If only you could effortlessly get your course in front of the right people…you’d totally be impacting more lives, making more income, and doing it all with less hustling and (teeth) grinding.

Sound about right?

If so, I get it. And I also know it doesn’t have to be this way.

But what if you had…

…step-by-step instructions, checklists, and templates to create:

  • Supercharged course sales funnels
  • Enticing social content
  • Sizzling sales pages
  • Buzz-inducing email sequences
  • and wow-worthy webinars

…You would quickly turn your audience into droves of delighted buyers.

Just imagine…

  • Knowing exactly what steps to take when launching your first course…and EVERY other course you create from now on.
  • Getting your course in front of the people who can really benefit, whilst simultaneously expanding your reputation as an expert in your field.
  • Knowing exactly what to say and how to reach out to your existing clients and prospect list to make easy quick wins.
  • Easily attracting hundreds of new, perfect clients who resonate deeply with your online course offer and who are eager to pay to learn from you.
  • Dramatically growing your social media following, Facebook group members, and your glowing online reputation.
  • Making money not only when you launch your course – but long afterward too!

An Online Course Launch & Marketing Plan can do all that and MORE for your business!

A successful online course gives you the ability to impact the lives of people around the world.

Rather than working one-on-one and trading your time for money, you can increase your income and help more people at the same time.

However, creating your course is just one part of the equation.

The way you launch and market it will make the difference between a course that impacts thousands and one that sits silently online, hidden from the very people it could help.

With this toolkit, you’ll get step-by-step details on how you can successfully launch and market your online course.

You’ll find everything you need including how to create sales pages that convert, email sequences that create a buzz, a webinar that turns potential customers into buyers, and much more.

This project kit and marketing plan is your blueprint for a successful launch and subsequent sales, and with that, you will achieve your business and revenue targets.

Here’s Everything You’ll Get in The Launch & Market Your Online Course Toolkit:

73-page Step-by-Step Marketing Plan Guidebook

Launch market course guidebook

Launch market course guidebook contents

See the module descriptions below for more details.

Launch and Market Your Online Course Overview Infographic – which gives you an ‘at-a-glance’ visual of the process for launching and marketing your online course.

Launch market course overview

Action Workbook – a complete set of worksheets that helps you take action as you go through the guidebook

Launch market course workbook

Quick Reference Guide – an overview that includes the main takeaways, key points, and action steps from each module of the guide. You can use it as a quick reference to save time, versus having to refer to the guidebook every time.

Launch market course quick ref

Launch Checklist – a step-by-step checklist you can add to your project management tool and follow for a successful launch

Launch market course checklist

Online Launch Scheduler Spreadsheet (.xls) – for you to plan the necessary milestones leading up to and during the launch of your online course.

Launch market course scheduler

Course Promotion Best Practices

  • Guidebook: Best Practices for Launching and Promoting Your Course
  • 13-page mini-guidebook
  • Overview infographic
  • Action Workbook

Promote course best practices mini-guide

Promote course best practices workbook

Promote course best practice overview

Templates, Worksheets & Planners

Course Sales Page Template – Use this time-saving Course Sales Page Template to create your sales page for your online course. We’ve included examples and writing prompts to help you write a unique high-converting sales page specifically for your business.

Sales Copy Checklist – Use this checklist to ensure you strengthen your sales page copy for maximum results!

Blog Content Planning Worksheet – use this worksheet to plan and write engaging blog posts to generate interest in your course.

Blog Formatting Template – use this template to ensure you’ve included the 12 essential things for a high-converting blog article.

Profitable Lead Generation Mind Map – Use this high-level mind map to draft your profitable opt-in lead magnet

Lead Magnet Creation Worksheet – Use this worksheet to plan and create the ideal lead magnet for your course.

Email Sequence Templates – Use these email templates to convert those who subscribe into paying course participants quickly.

Social Media Posts That Sell Worksheet – Use this worksheet to plan and create social media posts that get higher engagement and spark excitement for your online course.

Social Media Posts Call-To-Action Template – Use these templates to plan and write a compelling call-to-action so that more people read your posts and sign up for your list

Social Media Content Planner (.xls) – Use this planner to plan your online course launch content for easier scheduling and creation.

1-2-1 Call Planner Spreadsheet (.xls) – Use this planner to list your prospects and plan your 1-2-1 calls to make direct sales of your online course.

Measurement and Metrics Report Worksheet – Use this worksheet to plan, set up, and track your key metrics, so that you can get even better results.


45 Brilliant Ideas for Creating a Buzz for Your Launch

Use this so you have a multitude of ways to build excitement for your course launch and spark more ideas

  • 25 Pre-launch Buzz Ideas
  • 16 During Launch Buzz Ideas
  • 4 Post-launch Buzz Ideas

45 ideas to create buzz for course launch




What’s covered in the Step-by-step Marketing Plan Guidebook?

You’ve already put in the time and energy to design, develop, and set up your own online course. Now it’s time for you to successfully launch and market your online course. Jump in with an overview of the project kit and learning objectives and get excited to learn more…

Module 1 –  Get Ready to Market Your Course 

You might be feeling frustrated if you’ve been trying to sell your course and you’re not succeeding. In Module 1, you’ll review what’s happened to date, so you’re in a powerful place to move forward.

Module 2 – Build Your High-Converting Course Sales Page

Building a sales page is the first, key step to the profitability of any online offer. In Module 2, you’ll get to grips with the elements of a high-converting sales page, so you can design your own for your online course. (Plus we include a complete course sales page template to make it as easy as possible!)

Module 3 –  Start with Your Easiest Sales

Existing customers are the most likely people to buy, since they already know, like, and trust you. In Module 3, you’ll create a strategy for reaching out to existing customers who you know will be interested in your course, so you can make some immediate sales!

Module 4 – Use Proven Tactics to Increase Sales 

You know that your online course provides great value, but there are ways to increase the value in customers’ eyes. In Module 4, you’ll establish sales methods to ramp up conversions, so you can decide which tactics will work best for selling your online course.

Module 5 – Create Your Course Sales Funnel 

It’s not enough to just have a good course and sales page. You also have to market it continuously. In Module 5, you’ll design a course sales funnel to bring in leads, and you’ll get a proven timeframe for all the key tasks you need to complete for converting those leads into sales.

Module 6 –  Fill Your Course Funnel with Enticing Content

Now you’ll need to attract new leads into your funnel and start building relationships with them. In Module 6, you’ll create content for each stage of your course funnel, so it logically leads people from the top to the bottom, where they’re ready to pay to enroll.

Module 7 – Maximize Conversions with a Webinar

A webinar gives you the best chance to reach a large global audience and is the highest converting strategy to sell online courses. In Module 7, you’ll set targets for your pre-launch webinar and plan out the content for the webinar itself, so that it converts the maximum number of attendees to paying customers.

Module 8 –  Write Your Launch Emails

Email sequences are your key engagement tactic for both new and existing leads, and they’re your direct way of interacting with people who have expressed an interest in your work. In Module 8, you’ll plan the key email sequences you’ll need to nurture relationships with leads, build excitement for your launch, and increase sales during the launch itself.

Module 9 –  Using Advertising to Attract Leads 

If you want to reach out to people who aren’t already on your list, then you might consider paid advertising. In Module 9, you’ll research different forms of paid advertising and make the decision if it’s for you right now or not.

Module 10 –  Enlist Partners and Affiliates to Promote Your Course  

Affiliates and joint venture partners are one of the most effective ways to get new leads and traffic to your web pages, plus get your name in front of an audience you wouldn’t normally be exposed to. In Module 10, you’ll learn how to go about finding suitable people to promote your course for you once you’re ready.

Module 11 – Sell Your Course on Autopilot  

Automating your sales sounds attractive but you do need to put in some work upfront. In Module 11, you’ll explore the right timing for setting up an evergreen launch and the different elements involved in automating your course marketing.

Module 12 – Review and Refine

In this last module, you’ll decide on the metrics you need in place to track the progress of your course sales and consider the reasons things can go wrong.

By the time you’ve worked your way through this Guide and accompanying Action Workbook, you’ll be able to:

  • Consider the experience you’ve had marketing your course so far and set goals for your new launch, so that you have a clear focus for your sales targets
  • Build a high-converting sales page that’s attractive and informative, so that you can generate more sales
  • Earn immediate income by selling your course to existing customers who can benefit, so that you have additional revenue to spend on your launch and testimonials to use in your marketing
  • Implement powerful tactics to increase sales and convert more customers, so that you can ensure your launch is a success
  • Create the sales funnel you need to sell your online course, so that you attract and convert visitors to happy, successful customers
  • Fill each level of your sales funnel with enticing content that shows the value you and your course offer so that the right people are excited to enroll as students
  • Design and present a high-impact webinar to educate and inform prospective customers, so that buying your course is a no-brainer
  • Deliver sequences of engaging emails to build relationships and generate excitement around your course, so that you get more conversions
  • Assess whether to use paid advertising to get sign-ups for your funnel, so that more potential customers enter your system and purchase your course
  • Seek out appropriate partners to promote for you, so that you widen your market, reach more people who need your course, and make more sales
  • Set up an evergreen system to sell your course on autopilot, so that your course is accessible to anyone at any time, and you make sales while you sleep
  • Consolidate and implement your learning and plan future action steps, so that you can achieve the goals you set at the beginning and develop further.

Launch your online course with ease!




Why Get This Project Kit?

Look. Every successful course creator started right where you are. Every single one built their audience from one to many thousands, and you can, too.

But what those other course creators did not do is wait for the perfect time to launch their online courses. Because there is no perfect time. There is right now, and there is never, and only you can decide which it’s going to be.

Don’t let the excuses hold you back.

This project kit is the answer. It will show you, step-by-step, exactly what you need to do to finally create and launch your online course, even if your audience is tiny.

Stop settling for less, and start attaining your goals, for your business, and for your life.




I can’t promise you’ll sell a thousand copies or earn your first 6-figure month, but I can promise you that once you’ve worked through the steps and launched your course, your audience will be bigger, and so will your confidence.

How much is that worth to you?

Until next time, keep well


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