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Ideal Customer Profile Creation Playbook


Discover The Best Kept Secret to Successful Marketing and Make Planning Your Products, Services and Promotions Easy!

Ideal Customer Profile Playbook – How to Create Your Ideal Customer Profile so Your Marketing Attracts the Right People includes:

  • Ideal Customer Profile Playbook – 55-page step-by-step strategy guide
  • Action Guide – Use alongside the activities outlined in the Playbook
  • Summary Cheat Sheet – High-level overview of each section of the playbook
  • Questionnaire – Done-for-you questionnaire so that you can create a detailed description
  • Spreadsheet Template – To record your main findings
  • Builder Template – To build a detailed profile of your ideal customer
  • 5D Snapshot Template – To create a high-level profile summary

This is a five-section step-by-step guidebook I’ve designed to help you generate maximum interest from all that you do, by all the right people.

Discover The Best Kept Secret to Successful Marketing and Make Planning Your Products, Services and Promotions Easy!

Many solopreneurs struggle with marketing their business. They struggle to build an audience and they struggle with what to say and how to say it…

Most people in this situation feel like they should be gaining new clients, but their business limps along. They start to feel it’s them, that they’re doing something wrong, and they grasp at straws rather than looking at the most important business fundamental: Their Ideal Customer Profile.

You may have been told in the past that you need an Ideal Customer Profile, and that’s great advice. But here’s where it all goes wrong…

You’re told that your ideal customer is you 5 years ago,… conveniently forgetting that the world has moved on. We’ve survived a global pandemic since then, and we are most certainly not living in the same world as 5 years ago!

Take the cost of social media advertising for instance – it’s increased by over 300% in the past five years (and it’s showing no sign of slowing down any time soon).

The greater clarity you have regarding your ideal customer NOW, the more focused and effective your marketing becomes moving forward…

AND it will be LESS expensive!

If you don’t have an up-to-date ideal customer profile, you’re not going to grow your business and thrive. You’ll just keep on struggling.

But it doesn’t have to be that way…

Why Create an Ideal Customer Profile?

An Ideal Customer Profile allows you to:

  • Develop a marketing strategy that powerfully speaks to your target audience and gets results.
  • Streamline your marketing so you don’t waste time and energy on segments of the market that won’t buy and use your products.
  • Establish guidelines for finding, nurturing, and qualifying leads.

You probably already have an idea of who your customer is, but assumptions aren’t enough. An ICP works because you compile objective data from the market to create it.

When done well, your Ideal Customer Profile is the heart of your business. It makes everything easy. From content creation to website copy to ads and beyond…

But it hasn’t always been easy for you.

I’d like to take the pressure around Ideal Customer Profiles away from you by sharing my new playbook. It will help you get the clarity and insights about your ideal customer that will fuel the success of all your marketing.

And I’ve created the Ideal Customer Profile Creation Playbook How to Create Your Ideal Customer Profile so Your Marketing Attracts the Right People

…so you can master Ideal Customer Profiles in the next few days…

In fact, you can download the playbook right away!

This is a five-section step-by-step guidebook I’ve designed to help you generate maximum interest from all that you do, by all the right people.

However, I won’t stop there…

You’ll discover exactly what it takes to connect with your Ideal Customer Profile so that you’ll be happier with your business!

One of the greatest challenges businesses face is attracting the right customers.  You know that if you aren’t clear who you’re trying to attract, you’ll find it difficult to reach those people and generate revenue.

Having an ideal customer profile helps you reach those people, attract income, and develop long-term marketing strategies that work.

So now you know you need to build out a detailed profile of your ideal customer… but it doesn’t involve holding your finger in the air and hoping you can sense the right direction!

Welcome to Ideal Customer Profile Playbook

Ideal Customer Profile Playbook Content:

  • Introduction
  • Section 1 – Your Primary Target Audience
  • Section 2 – Build Your 5D Ideal Customer Profile (Ideal Customer Profile)
  • Step 1 – Gather the Facts
  • Step 2 – Feel Their Pain
  • Step 3 – Explore Their Wants
  • Step 4 – Discover What Matters Most to Them
  • Step 5 – Uncover Their Objections
  • Step 6 – Review Your Data
  • Section 3 – Put it All Together
  • Step 1: Validate Your Answers
  • Step 2: Analyze Your Data & Refine Your Ideal Customer Profile
  • Section 4 – What to Do with Your New Ideal Customer Profile
  • Section 5 – Next Steps

When you’ve worked your way through this playbook, you will be able to…

  • Identify your primary target audience, so that you can market to those people who are the best fit for your products and services
  • Create an initial ideal customer profile by tapping your current understanding of your audience
  • Validate your customer information, so that you have the most accurate data on which to base your ideal customer profile
  • Analyze your data and refine the profile of your ideal customer, so you will be confident in tailoring your marketing to them
  • Decide how your detailed ideal customer profile can have the most impact right now, so that you get started using it immediately
  • Plus so much more!

You’ll get a 55-page, step-by-step playbook, an action guide, a summary cheat sheet for quick reference, and the templates you need to become an Ideal Customer Profile expert!

  • Imagine your life in 3 months’ time when you have more money flowing in, thanks to your newfound ideal customer profile.
  • Imagine having an audience that loves what you do and has signs of becoming superfans
  • Imagine how good it feels to be confident in your products now they’re perfect for your potential clients
  • Imagine what you’ll do with your extra cash.

Will you invest it into a new team member who can take the pressure off you or that well-earned and well overdue vacation?




Here’s samples of everything you get with this package:

Ideal Customer Profile Playbook: Create Your Ideal Customer Profile so Your Marketing Attracts the Right People – 55-page step-by-step strategy guide



ICP Action Guide – To use alongside the activities outlined in the Playbook


Summary Cheat Sheet – A high-level overview of each section of the playbook


ICP Questionnaire – Ask and answer the questions in this questionnaire so that you can create a detailed description of your ideal customer


ICP Spreadsheet Template – Use this spreadsheet to record the main findings about your ideal customer


ICP Builder Template – Use this template to build a detailed profile of your ideal customer


5D Snapshot Template – Use this template to create a high-level summary of your ideal customer



Why Get This Playbook?

If you don’t have an ideal customer profile:

  • You’ll find yourself wasting time and energy on people who won’t purchase your product.
  • You won’t be able to set yourself apart from competitors in your industry.
  • You’ll won’t understand your customer’s pain points and needs, stopping you from creating content that engages and builds a lasting relationship.
  • You’ll won’t know what products to offer and what messaging to use in your marketing.

And that means working harder for less…

But you don’t have to let that happen…

In a few days, you can easily be talking to your ideal customers and building connections that will last!

I promise that when you get this playbook, you’ll love how good you’ll feel about your business once more.





P.S. The “you” 5 years ago wouldn’t have the courage to take action. Look how you’ve grown. I know how it feels, because 5 years ago, this was how I felt too. Ideal Customer Profiles have transformed my life, so how about letting them do the same for you?

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