Pathfinder Advantage – Our Name is Our Mission

Born out of our passion for supporting businesses that have a positive impact on people’s lives, we call ourselves Pathfinders because we are all about helping you find the way forward. 

Our story so far…

Pathfinder Advantage was founded in 2012 by Andrew Wilson and was originally conceived to deliver nutrition, health and wellness services to the NHS and larger organisations.

Andrew then discovered a real need from his fellow health entrepreneurs for marketing support, and so changed direction to became more involved with helping small businesses and freelancers with their websites and digital marketing.

Having built a digital marketing venture himself, Andrew spent 7 years mentoring dozens of small business owners, like nutritionists, personal trainers and many other freelancers from around the world to do the same.

Andrew continues to lead Pathfinder Advantage and now works with larger organisations such as the NHS, universities, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and professional services organisations in the UK to develop their digital marketing projects and programmes.

With over 2 decades working with businesses of all shapes and sizes, Andrew's background in digital marketing and online business strategy sets him apart as an online marketer.

The Pathfinder Advantage Philosophy

We believe the key to creating and sustaining a profitable business online is knowing which digital steps to take to achieve your long-term goals.

Therefore, our mission is to provide proven business building strategies to ensure our clients are empowered to generate significant impact, inspiration and, of course, income.

We fulfil this mission by offering practical tools, step-by-step training, interim management and consultancy services that solve real digital marketing problems.

In short, we support others to make a difference by helping them share online what they love to do in the real world.

We are different.

It is all in our name - and our attitude!

Our company name says it all: Pathfinder Advantage - meaning we show others the way to creating a favourable position.

Here’s the thing - digital marketing is very complicated.

We know running a business or busy marketing department is not always plain sailing.

And as a busy business owner or marketing professional, you don’t have time to work out how it all fits together and solve the myriad of problems all by yourself.

But when you innovate with a flexible and positive approach, the way forward becomes obvious.

Indeed, we are innovative and flexible and we’re here to help you find your way forward. So that you can reach your online audience and then turn them into paying customers – with a lot less stress.

Our services guide business owners and marketing professionals, like you, through the complex world of digital marketing so that you can design and build a profitable online business or marketing operation that delivers real results for you and your customers.

“I don't promise a magic wand, what I am offering you is tried and tested methods and tools that have worked for my clients and in my business. I’ll share the very best digital marketing techniques and online business strategies to make this process as quick, easy and painless as possible for you.” Andrew Wilson, Pathfinder Advantage

Current and recent clients include:

Aston University, Veolia UK, Elga Lab Water Ltd, British Dietetic Association, Aymes International Ltd, Accenture PLC, Sussex Community NHS Trust, Vital Footprint Ltd, Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust.

If you're looking to generate significant income, inspiration and impact through your online business and digital marketing, you'll want to engage Pathfinder Advantage.