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65 Essential Business Email Templates


Use these pre-written, fill-in-the-blanks “Essential Business Email Templates” to take the stress out of your daily email tasks and boost your productivity.


  • 15 Customer Service Emails
  • 22 Business Development Emails
  • 16 Cash Flow and Finance Emails
  • 12 Promotional Emails

Stop wasting your time writing emails from scratch!

Ugh. Writing emails…

Are you spending what feels like forever drafting and re-drafting emails?

Emails for chasing an overdue payment, refunding a customer, trying to sort out problems with PayPal…

…BORING! But, unfortunately, necessary.

And your emails always feel like they’re missing something.

You could be wasting your entire day writing these types of emails.

If you are, when do you ever have time to deliver your services?

We’ve all been there, doing this…

How do you save time on your emails? Send emails drafted from a template!

So, we’ve put together 65 handy, fill-in-the-blanks “Essential Business Email Templates” that will save hours and help you look like a pro!

15 Customer Service Email Templates

Customer service doesn’t have to be painful! Having trouble writing emails to your customers? If so, you’re not alone. We’ve all been there. Customer service can be challenging, and it can be tempting to just ignore people. Don’t do that! It’s important that you communicate with your customers in a way that makes them feel heard and cared for, even when you have other things on your plate. These email templates will help you do just that.

These 15 customer service email templates will help you keep your customers happy and are a great way to streamline your customer service.

22 Business Development Email Templates

If you’re in business, you know how important it is to reach out to new people. Email marketing is one of the most powerful ways to do that. The problem is, reaching out in a way that doesn’t look spammy or trying-too-hard can be difficult! That’s why we created these 22 templates, with proven language and formulas that will get you results!

22 business development email templates that you can copy/paste to send to your leads. They are designed to help you get new customers and grow your business – fast!

16 Cash Flow and Finance Email Templates

You’re busy. You don’t have time to write lengthy emails to invoice your customers, remind them to pay their bills, and chase for payments. I know it’s not easy when things are tight but getting what’s owed to you faster can mean the difference between surviving and thriving in business.

That’s why we created 16 Cash Flow and Finance email templates for you. These email templates will ensure that your emails are professional, effective and don’t scare away clients.

12 Promotional Email Templates

Do you have a product or service that you’d like to promote to your subscribers? With these email templates, promoting a new product or service will be a breeze! Get your message out there to an audience of people who have already shown interest in what you have to offer.

Whether you’re launching a new product or need to expand your monthly revenue stream, these 12 pre-written emails will help you stand out from the crowd and help you keep in touch with your audience.

These 65 essential business emails templates are pre-written, fill-in-the-blanks templates – so you get to the gist without all the fuss.

Take the stress out of email and get boost your productivity today!


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Mairi Huntly , The Cambridge Dietitian

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Andrew has given me sound and no-nonsense marketing advice, which was highly relevant to my current business development challenge. His background as a healthcare professional and a marketer gives him a unique insight into the challenges that healthcare professionals face when wishing to develop/expand their business (e.g. underselling oneself - something that Andrew has also advised on)

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Phil Beene , Co-founder & President Nudgecoach.com

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Gitte Lassen , Life Coach