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You’re a solopreneur building your lifestyle business so that you can enjoy more time, more income, and more freedom to do the things you really love.

You’re looking for ways to grow your audience, take advantage of new opportunities and to scale your income to 6-figures or more.

But you are:

  • Stretched beyond believe.
  • Tired of doing it all yourself.
  • Stressed-out with your mahoosive to-do list…

Having more free time AND a high income seems out of reach.

So, what can you do?


Creating a streamlined and simplified business is the way forward.


In fact, it is the ONLY way you’ll ever grow your business, so it provides the lifestyle you’re looking for.

And that’s where we come in.

We’ve put together a comprehensive set of tools, templates, and resources so that you CAN make it happen:– we’ve got business-building resources ready for you to download and get going instantly!

Forget wading through endless training videos, climbing steep learning curves or waiting around for months until you see any results…

With our done-for-you templates, step-by-step guides, plug-and-play project kits and easy-to-follow checklists you will not only SAVE hundreds of hours, they will also help you to MAKE MORE MONEY - FASTER!

This is your PATHWAY to success.

And if we don’t have what you need, we’ll find someone who does!
If you want the know-how, the templates, the step-by-step instructions right now…we’ve got you covered.

You may not realize it, but you may be wasting resources. Money, time, and effort might be spilling out here and there.

You may find yourself bogged down in the mundane daily tasks that keep you from getting more important work done. 

The result is that you're earning less than you should be. 

Inefficient processes can also hurt your customer service, company culture, and of course, your stress level.

We can help you avoid all this…

Get started with our FREE guide:

"The Solopreneur's $100k Business Processes Playbook"

Download the playbook and learn how to systematize and streamline your business so you can work less hours, make more money and grow your business…with Ease!


Andrew Wilson, Founder of Pathfinder Advantage Ltd

I don't promise a magic wand, what I am offering you is tried and tested methods and tools that have worked for my clients and in my business. I’ll share the very best digital marketing techniques and online business strategies to make this process as quick, easy and painless as possible for you.

Steal My Processes & Systems!

Downloadable resources giving you instant clarity, done-for-you checklists, and plug-and-play templates, so you don’t have to spend your life watching endless training videos!

Based on over 2 decades of mastery, condensed into easy-to-follow playbooks and project kits, you will be able to...

  • Fast-track your results because you don’t have to spend hours and hours watching videos or googling for answers
  • Win customers faster and retain them because you are doing a better job
  • Accelerate your earnings because you can deliver your products and services consistently and confidently
  • Increase your productivity and efficiency because you can optimize your business processes easily
  • Reduce your stress level because you can finally focus on the things that are important for your business

It's all here!

Instantly access any of our products now and you'll be ahead of 99% of solopreneurs out there.

And you can start today...


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I would highly recommend Andrew for his superb digital and marketing expertise. His marketing training is clear and informative. I am thrilled with my web site, it really reflects who I am and what my market is. I know that I will attract more business. 

Ruth James 

Sports Nutritionist, Oxford UK

He has massively improved the website and ultimately increased the number of leads we generate. Above all Andrew has been a great mentor and pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend.

Adam Lloyd

Personal Trainer & Coach

I would highly recommend Andrew's marketing programme. I now have a website that is attracting new clients to my business. Working with Andrew has enabled me to become more confident in marketing my business.

Mairi Huntly

Freelance Dietitian